Social commitment

We are there and support others want to move mountains.

Social commitment

We are there and support when others want to move mountains.

social. responsible. active.


s entrepreneurs, we bear a significant responsibility, both socially and societally. As a family business with strong regional roots, we take our obligations seriously and are actively involved in local projects. We are proud that we have been supporting various social projects and organizations for many years. Our financial commitment and sponsorship are diverse and have no specific restrictions. Our support extends to a wide range of initiatives that benefit different target groups and age groups, including children, young people, general social organizations and sports clubs.

We make valuable contributions, especially in the area of ​​children and youth sponsorship. We support schools, for example by contributing to the financing of school equipment or by co-financing school projects of the pupils’ co-responsibility (SMV).

We have presented some examples of the social commitment of GIGA Logistics GmbH in a blog. Just scroll a little further.

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