Sea freight

On the high seas with the highest responsibility!

LCL - container cargo

If your cargo is not large enough to fill an entire container, we offer you the option of a part load. Here your freight is placed in a container together with other freight.

FCL - container cargo

We offer you the opportunity to rent a whole container for your cargo. The FCL offer is particularly suitable for a large cargo that can be accommodated in a container.

Container loading and unloading

We load and unload containers with trained specialists. The containers are unloaded, stowed and secured, lashed and sealed, taking into account the country of origin and destination, the types of goods and the nature of the packaging.

Project charge

Special ships and equipment are required for the transport of oversized, bulky or heavy goods such as machines or components and cannot be transported in conventional containers. Our competent team organizes the transport of such goods from start to finish, including the necessary permits and licenses.

Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo)

This offer is particularly suitable for the transport of vehicles or heavy machinery. Your cargo is driven directly onto the ship and transported there. RoRo ships are specially designed to transport your rolling cargo such as cars, trucks and construction machinery. These ships have ramps that allow the cargo to be wheeled straight up and down.

Break Bulk

Break bulk refers to goods shipped as loose breakbulk. This type of cargo is usually transported in small to medium-sized volumes and includes goods such as sacks, drums, boxes or pallets that cannot be shipped in containers. Securing the load is often more difficult than with conventional transport. We have a lot of experience with break bulk transport and will work out special solutions for you for everything that cannot be shipped in containers. You can rely on modern equipment and the selection of the right packaging.

Our additional sea freight services


Modern sea transports no longer end at the port: our sea freight experts ensure smooth transport from the point of departure to the final recipient by truck, barge and rail network. Due to our optimal worldwide network, many years of experience in land freight and successful cooperation with our cooperation partners in all important transhipment points on all continents, we ensure smooth and reliable shipment of your goods from door to door. You don’t have to worry about the cumbersome and expensive onward transport of your goods. You get everything from a single source.

GDP Pharma

When transporting pharmaceuticals, it is mainly about ensuring product quality and fast delivery. We guarantee that the temperature you specify will be maintained throughout the entire transport route. From the removal of your pharmaceutical products from the production site, to storage in our cooling systems, to refrigerated transport to the desired recipient. We meet this requirement with our special and regularly trained specialist staff, specially equipped vehicles, appropriate storage facilities and cooperation with certified companies.

Dangerous goods

When transporting dangerous goods by sea, you must adhere to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods, IMDG Code for short. The guidelines drawn up by the International Maritime Organization regulate the transport of dangerous goods by water. GIGA Logistics is very experienced in transporting dangerous goods by sea. Our specialist staff regularly take part in training courses and are familiar with all the important regulations. We transport dangerous goods promptly, reliably, punctually and safely to the port of destination.


In logistics, cross trade is a cross-border transport where the sender’s registered office, the place of dispatch and the place of receipt are in different countries. These transports therefore place increased demands on logistical planning, organization and implementation. With us, you use a global partner network that guarantees fast and secure processing of your transport orders. You only have one contact person and receive everything from a single source: transport, customs clearance, documents, invoices.


An NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) acts as an intermediary between our customers and the shipping companies, acting as a freight forwarder. So we don’t need our own staff at every destination, but work directly with the NVOCCs. In all seaports we work exclusively with experienced and reliable NVOCCs. This cooperation ensures more logistical flexibility and allows for more cost-effective transport.

Express Container - Next Day - Next Sailing

With our team of experts and reliable network, we are able to offer you a special shipping service for containerized cargo: For your urgent deliveries that need to arrive at the destination as soon as possible, we offer you our express service, where your cargo will be shipped within one day from the time of the order is shipped. This service enables you to plan better and more flexibly. In particular, you can avoid delays in delivery that may occur due to unforeseen events.

Refrigerated and frozen transport

For perishable goods, we offer refrigerated or frozen transport to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition. In the so-called reefer containers, or refrigerated containers, it is ensured that your product is kept at the desired temperature, regardless of time and place. We know that only a continuous cold chain can optimally protect your product and protect you from major damage.

Our sea freight services

Customs clearance

Customs clearance for sea freight is an important step in international trade. With our team of specialists, we take care of all customs-related documents for your shipment and ensure smooth and punctual transport of shipments across the border – without any administrative work, delays or penalties.


When goods are transported by sea, it is important to have appropriate insurance to avoid financial loss in case of damage or loss of the goods. On request, our experts will inform and advise you about the various insurance offers so that you are well protected in the event of damage.


Goods shipped by sea are exposed to many stresses during transport, such as moisture, vibrations, shocks or temperature fluctuations. If desired, we pack your goods before they are shipped. This can be particularly useful when dealing with fragile or sensitive goods.


Sometimes goods need to be temporarily stored during transport or after arriving at the port of destination. We support you at this point and offer storage services.

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